Where can I find a Fair Oaks Pediatric Dentist?

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At Happy Teeth Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, our comprehensive preventive program includes periodic teeth cleanings, examinations and protective treatments to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. As a leading Fair Oaks pediatric dentist, our friendly, compassionate staff makes every checkup visit a valuable, educational experience for you and your child. We utilize state-of-the-art approaches to provide the most precise and gentle care, keeping your child at ease throughout her or his checkup.

When your child’s first tooth erupts, usually by the age of one, it’s time for a checkup with a Fair Oaks pediatric dentist. This event is a milestone, setting the course for your child’s lifelong commitment to excellent oral health. We make sure your child feels comfortable and at ease, creating a positive experience that will make each subsequent dental visit easier. Our dentist will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth, gums and their supporting structures, tracking their growth and development, and diagnosing oral health problems early on, when they are typically the easiest to treat. Tooth decay is especially prevalent among children, due to dietary and lifestyle habits. We will guide you on how to prevent cavities in your child’s first teeth, and as your child gets older, we continue to provide important information and instruction on the responsibilities of good oral hygiene and healthy choices. At each checkup visit, we perform a thorough, professional teeth cleaning, to remove plaque buildup from the most difficult to reach crevices of your child’s teeth. Once your child’s permanent molars erupt, we recommend dental sealants, which are protective coatings applied to the surfaces of the back teeth to prevent the accumulation of plaque and food debris. We also offer periodic fluoride treatments, which involve the application of the mineral fluoride to strengthen the tooth enamel.

Our Fair Oaks pediatric dentist and staff make every checkup positive and engaging for you and your child. At Happy Teeth Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, your child’s oral health is our number on priority. To learn more or to schedule your child’s checkup, call today.

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